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In his fourth point, the father claims that the trial court erred in failing to make a finding that the mother’s incarceration was a primary reason for the relocation. He argues that the trial court’s findings showed that he was able to provide a better home and school environment for the child. The mother responds that the trial court’s findings of fact recite that the father’s home and school were safe, secure, and good, and that the mother’s home was not. It is also noted that the trial court recommended in its judgment that the mother give the father custody of the child on weekends and during the summer and that the father’s restrictions on the mother’s residence be lifted. Further, the mother’s point four is that there was no showing or finding that her children were in danger from the father.
The father’s point is that the trial court did not find as a factor that the father was better able to provide a home, school, and environment that were more conducive to the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of the child. As previously stated, the trial court’s findings of fact summarize the mother’s testimony and explain the reasons for its determination that there was cause to relocate. Regarding the issue of the mother’s children’s present safety, the fact that the mother’s children were not at home would limit the mother’s ability to restrict contact between the children and the father, which was an impetus for her relocation. The trial court’s findings of fact are sufficient to show that her children were not in physical danger from the father, and, as stated by the mother in her brief, the court made a finding that the father was unable to regulate or control the children. As stated above, the trial court erred in failing to make a finding regarding the father’s relationship with the mother’s children and the effect that might have on the child. Because the trial court’s findings are inadequate, this court cannot adequately review the trial court’s judgment with regard to relocation. See In the Interest of

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