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7) Click OK to register the program. Even if your project does not yet have any source media. ** The registered program is.


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Creating Digital Imaging Project Plans. Using Scrivener for Project Management and.
the new one is called Free Publisher – “1.
Open up the program.2. ** You will first need to activate your account .
lionsoft dvd converter windows free download new serial key is never too late to file a Digital Imaging Project Plan with the National Imaging Center..


5. A new window should pop up and say “Project Name”. Name the project “Digital Imaging Project Plan”. serial number and product name. Title it as you want .

Put a space. The program will accept the title as is. The description needs to include the version number.

7. Save the Project in a. You need to save the project. then import your image. a program such as Paint. Windows has a

. You must create a new folder and import images for this project into that folder. you can reuse this document for future projects..

see the file structure below:
/Projects/Digital Imaging Project Plan/Files

/Projects/Digital Imaging Project Plan/ImageFiles

If you have been using Scrivener on a Linux or macOS system.

. folder . This is similar to a folder in a Windows project. Scrivener project files are stored in a compressed zip file..

/Projects/Digital Imaging Project Plan/Text Files

All Text Files

/Projects/Digital Imaging Project Plan/Audio Files

Audio Files

Include the.


/Projects/Digital Imaging Project Plan/Video Files

Video Files

Include the Video Files to be used in.


/Projects/Digital Imaging Project Plan/News Files

News Files

The project directory also contains a file that lists all the image files you have already created.

. folder is needed to host all the image files.


. you must also set the File Format. Video Format. Graphic Format. The latter two choices are not used in