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import {Colored, Edge, Focal, Grouped, Infinite, Inset, Progress, Zoom} from ‘../types’;
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import {Modal, Tabs, Type} from ‘./types’;
import {ButtonStyles} from ‘../styles’;

import {NavLink} from ‘../navigation/NavLink’;

import {ButtonContainer} from ‘../layout/basic/ButtonContainer’;

import type {Theme} from ‘../data/Theme’;

type State = {
isOpen: boolean,

type Props = {
alertMessage: string,
openModal: (modal: Modal) => void,
onClose: () => void,
theme: Theme,

export default class ButtonContainer extends ButtonContainer {
state: State = {
isOpen: false,

navigationChildren = [NavLink];

modals = [];

onButtonClick(theme: Theme, toggleState: boolean) {
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Incorporating the latest technologies and energy saving techniques, the build has been designed to be a benchmark in energy saving and environmentally sensitive design in the development of the North West.

The aim of the build project is to support Salford City Council’s environmental initiatives and reduce energy consumption to a minimum whilst maximizing the opportunity to design a high performance building.

Architecture Liverpool was appointed as consultant for the design, planning and scheme management of the development.

An energy analysis, carried out by Anadol was the key input to the development that gave the project key insights into the different aspects of the building and its occupants and how the design could be improved.

The development not only incorporates passive and active facades but all aspects of the building have been calculated to make the greatest impact on saving energy.

The building was constructed to a BREEAM Excellent rating and the incorporation of active facades such as the Bioclimatic rooflights will reduce solar gains and account for the heat load within the building.

The use of the dramatic corridors as the flow through to the main reception and cloakroom areas ensure that the majority of the transport of people is through these corridors. The use of smart surveillance allows the main reception to have a very low energy consumption.

A design that aims to provide the least possible impact on the environment.

The use of a tiled roof with a reflective cladding that will reflect the energy-intensive lighting will help reduce solar gains.

An extensive programme of insulation on the building façades and roofs was used.

A large number of high R-value insulating envelopes have been used to create a thermally efficient shell for the building.

Lighting within the building is a very important element of energy consumption. Over 37% of the energy consumption within the building is

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