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How can I prevent my custom border from being over the last row of the window?

Here is the minimal example I have:
enum Color { Red, Blue, Green, Yellow };

int main() {
Color color = Red;

std::wstring msg1 = L”msg1″;
std::wstring msg2 = L”msg2″;
std::wstring msg3 = L”msg3″;
std::wstring msg4 = L”msg4″;

std::wstring msg;
std::wstring msg_int = L”msg”;
std::wstring msg_int_int = L”msg”;
std::wstring msg_float = L”msg”;

std::map color_map;
color_map.emplace(msg_int, Blue);
color_map.emplace(msg_int_int, Blue);
color_map.emplace(msg_float, Blue);

std::wstring message;
std::map message_map;
message_map.emplace(msg, msg1);
message_map.emplace(msg, msg2);
message_map.emplace(msg, msg3);
message_map.emplace(msg, msg4);

for (const auto &x : message_map) {
message = x

The “License Agreement” pop-up window should have prompted you to accept by clicking the “Accept” button.


A possible reason is because you’re using IE? I’m not sure if it’s just IE, or other browsers as well. Try downloading and running this. If that works, then you have an IE thing going on.


how to detect wcf duplex service endpoint context is in client machine

I have a duplex WCF service, which is running inside ASP.NET 3.5 application.
Before starting the service I check the host machine url, to know the endpoint context is not in IIS.
When the service started, it means the machine host running ASP.NET 4.0/4.5.
How do I check if the endpoint context is for ASP.NET application and not for IIS(server)?


Use System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost.IsHostInRole Method

Returns a value indicating whether the service host is running in
either the host role or the client role.

string hostName =
IsHostInRole(new Uri(“”)).HostName;


CRM 2011 – How do i change the colour of the Phone Number information?

Is there any way to change the colour of the Phone Number field in the Contact.xap, or the look of the text in the Field HTML?
I can’t find any information on this anywhere!


Look for CommonStyles.cmp in the zipped installer.
This stylesheet allows you to redefine a few forms of common UI elements. If you have any form-level tweaks to tweak on, then use this file.

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