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October 23, 2015 This article is more than 2 years old.

Aired earlier this week, the BBC’s interview with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi contained a segment in which the world leader described India’s space program as the “most impressive in the world.”

Modi was talking about the Indian space program when he said he was “proud” of ISRO’s achievement in putting a satellite into orbit. And he was referring to the Mangalyaan, an orbital spacecraft launched by the Indian Space Research Organisation, India’s space agency, in 2013.

Modi was being quoted in Delhi, the Indian capital, in September last year when the BBC correspondent quoted him, saying India was “seriously determined to lead in the field of space science.” At the time, however, he was the chief minister of Gujarat state, and not the PM.

It was only on September 30th, four days later, that Modi took oath as the 47th PM of India—the first of his current term.

Four days into his official tenure, the Indian government put out a clarifying statement after the BBC interview. “In this interview the Prime Minister had said India is striving to be among the countries in the list of space power. India, as the Prime Minister said, is a young country. There is a major space programme. We want to be among the important players,” Dr. S. Kiran Kumar, Additional Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, told an Indian Express journalist.Mantle-tipped, Cape grayling

The mantle-tipped, Cape grayling (Thymallus grallipes) is a species of ray-finned fish, an anadromous fish of the family Salmonidae. They are endemic to New Zealand, but are widespread and widely used in aquaculture around the world.

Size and reproduction
The mantle-tipped, Cape grayling has a total length of between 75 and 100 cm, with a maximum recorded length of 1.75 m

Rsdlabs OfTmux’s the best software for website monitoring & ranking reports on Windows or Linux OS. Netline can monitor over 300 websites, estimate server loads, send email alerts and generate a variety of reports. The time-saver .Number of charged particles (black diamonds) for each temperature. Those over the first peak are distributed into excited states, and those after the peak are distributed into ground states. Number of potential wells in the barrier region for each temperature, and number of bottlenecks in the well regions for each temperature. Numbers of excited states for each temperature. []{data-label=”fig:frac-temp”}](./fig5.eps){width=”7.4cm”}

![(Color online) Number of particles in the system $N$ as function of temperature $T$. Number of empty sites $E_0$ (left axis) and number of particles in the condensate $N_0$ (right axis).[]{data-label=”fig:T”}](./fig6.eps){width=”8.2cm”}

![(Color online) The relaxation time as function of temperature. Red solid line is the fitting curve of the exponential function. []{data-label=”fig:relax”}](./fig7.eps){width=”7.4cm”}

![(Color online) The plot of the first return time $T$ as function of temperature $T$. Red solid line is the fitting curve of the exponential function. []{data-label=”fig:1st-t”}](./fig8.eps){width=”7.4cm”}

![(Color online) The potential energy of the system as function of temperature. The left axis is for $V_0$, and the right axis is for $V_1$. The temperature is in unit of $\epsilon$. []{data-label=”fig:potential”}](./fig9.eps){width=”7.4cm”}

![(Color online) The number of excited state as function of temperature. The left axis is for $k_B T/\epsilon$, and the right axis is for $E/\epsilon$.[]{data-label=”fig:energy-excited”}](./fig10.eps){width=”7.4cm”}

![(Color online) (a) The pressure

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