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Wow One Hit Kill Hack In 3.3.5 Hit

“A new patch for the end of the road for Wildstar. I’m fairly certain it will be 3.3.5…”
I saw a video on YouTube where this “1-hit-killhack” was done in wow. jsfiddle.net/7PcX6
As such, I am wondering if anyone has any details or the mod? I am running.patch 3.3.5 and tried using a WoW public hack, but the GCD hack works just fine.


In Patch 3.3.5, there is a GCD increase in patch 4446.

This makes the artificial fire damage stacking fixers fairly useless.
If you play on a patch lower than 3.3.5, the only patch that will work is 3.2.5.

1-hit-killhack VileGaze in 3.2.5


Vilegaze doesn’t have any cooldown, but it’s a 1 hit kill.

And if you play on a patch higher than 3.2.5, you would need a 1-hit-killhack to not die at all.
Instead, there is a GCD hack which makes it so your GCD is around.71 seconds so you only have 1.67 seconds to do your job (run with base 120 speed).
(The GCD hack isn’t a glitch, it’s an intentional mechanic; it was a failure to think through this correctly.)

Go to bank honor.
Go to item level 660.
Go to item ID 265.
Click in-game.
Go to Addon Manager.
Click on GCD Hack.
Scroll to the bottom.
Click on Install.
Wait for it to install.
Go back to your bank.
Wait for it to load.
Open character.
Click on character screen.
Click the button on the top right corner.
Click character inventory.
Click on weapon.
Click view icons.
Click the button on the top right corner.
Click the number next to the weapon.
Click the button.
Wait for it to unlock.
Drag the weapon with 1-

how to one shot one kill hack (naxx10)
One-hit-kill (nickname “owk”): A killing move performed by pressing the O button on the controller. You can also use X to attack foes.
How to: one shot on one kill (blue and green gems)
the one-shot one-kill hack/blue/green gem hack for wow.. and i guess maybe other games too.. i used a template all the way through and used 1 str 40 int 100 dex. I finished a lil of a ways in the game.. i was.
Jul 21, 2011
is there a way to quickly one hit kill a certain enemy? i dont like spamming and for some reason also i dont want to use damage hacks, i always use one shot one kills in assassin’s creed.
Oct 31, 2008
Hello fellow skilled warriors, I believe there is a hack that allows One Shot Kill (OSK) for WOW.
the problem was i had to pick 10 armor pieces and i couldn’t find any where i could find a wow damage hack.
Jan 26, 2009
Man in Black, BotF4, EU Super Star, OT, RHD, Triona, sEL, sWer, DarkvGuard and wOTLK, All in one tweak! hurl.. For the exact commands, you can check my post in the basic instructions.
Jan 31, 2009
Ain’t no hack in the world gonna tell me what to do, fool! This is my blog, & if this a request to hack, you are wrong.
Jun 1, 2010
[JakGames] World of Warcraft: One Shot Kill. Hello guys, I’m JakGames, and I wrote this hack to resolve what many players have been trying to achieve for some time now – one shot.
[JakGames] World of Warcraft: One Shot Kill (fixed, 1.7). Hello guys, I’m JakGames, and I wrote this hack to resolve what many players have been trying to achieve for some time now.
WOW 1x1k with no damage mods.
Info: for those who want to have an AHK ( Autohotkey ) one shot type script which does not require any mods( including vanilla without the Damage mod) to do it
How to do “One Hit Kills” in World of Warcraft.
How to do “One Hit Kills” in World