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SSL – Adding certificate to docker registry

I’m working with Gitlab CI/CD currently. From that I want to use a.pfx certificate to communicate to the server.
I have already generated a private key and a CSR file and I have imported both to the private key store but I can’t find the Certificate, how do I add this to docker registry?
I have seen some tutorials on how to add the certificate to the docker registry but I don’t know if the Registry will pull it from a PFX file or a CN file?
Any help?
Thanks in advance.


A.pfx contains a collection of certificates (e.g. client, intermediate and server certs) in a specific order.
Docker builds images with a client cert, one or more intermediate certs and a server cert (depending on the TLS version) on top of the base image.
What you should do is to generate a new.pfx and import it in the private key store you have configured (openssl_private_key in /etc/docker/certs.d) before pushing your images to Docker hub/registry.
Then the registry will be able to communicate to your server because the server cert will be used.

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