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musicmakerjamforpccrackedThe presidential election is two months away, but security experts say the election still could be attacked by hackers.

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the only two candidates left in the race for president. But while Obama has dismissed the possibility of a cyberattack on the election’s voting machines, security experts say any malicious code could be buried deep in computer code used by voting machines across the U.S.

During the recent Democratic National Convention, hackers infiltrated a Republican political group, successfully copied documents and posted the stolen information online. This was the same group that penetrated two Republican political organizations earlier this year.

The two breaches, by what is believed to be Chinese hackers, could further undermine the confidence of Americans who are skeptical of the security measures in place to prevent electronic voting in the U.S.

“It is highly likely that people have figured out how to hack the hardware on voting machines,” Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of BT, a security firm, told

Schneier said the vulnerabilities of the electronic voting machines are common and “the hack is not particularly hard.”

The White House has asked all 50 states to review their voting systems to ensure that there is no “back door” to allow outside parties to access the results of the presidential election. A presidential candidate who has access to the voting machines could meddle with the results during counting, said Thomas Rid, director of the Center for Cyber Security at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and a security expert.

“[T]he only way to double-check the results is to change the raw vote totals as they are reported to the public in one or more jurisdictions,” Rid said.

Rid told that manipulating raw vote counts could be possible if hackers hide their identity or send the vote totals to the wrong place.

“Make no mistake: the result of a race with a hacked voting machine or a hacked tally could be a hack election,” he said.

Bill Binney, a former senior official in the National Security Agency and co-founder of the NSA’s Signals Intelligence Directorate, told that while the presidential election is several months away, the cybersecurity of voting systems has been given short-shrift.

“It’s not the voting machines that are at risk,” said Binney, who joined with American Civil Liberties Union last month in sending a letter to the White House urging a thorough

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