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DBF Editor lets you view, edit, and transfer the data in any DBase/FoxPro. 6 User Manual and various auxiliary files:. ·

Copy the arp -a output to a paste bin and post it here. If you can run it from the terminal of the server that you are working on,

To be honest, even in my lab, we’ve always run it on the server, but I assume that means we are using some kind of internal application? I assume that you can run it against the VPN, but then your user account has access to your company data, which I think is what you were asking.

Yes, correct. The VPN is for secure network access. When you connect to the VPN (using the “vpnclient” command) you are connecting to your partner’s machine. This means that your account on that machine has full access to the data, if you save it to your files when you are connected to the vpnclient.
Yes, correct. If you access your office network from outside your office, then the only way you can access the company files is to (by default) connect the VPN to your office network.
You can still do what you want. You can fire up a terminal with your account on your home machine, and if you can not access the VPN, you can use “ssh your-office-npi (IP or DNS name of office)” and access the files over the VPN.

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In my job, I’m always asked to make decisions on what is called a “publish-or-perish” basis. Simply put, I’m given a product, I have to make the decision whether or not to publish it, and then I have to make the decision whether or not to market and market it in any way at all. It’s a great set up in that I can publish or publish and market something I am excited about or have an interest in. And it’s a great set up in that it gives me the power to market any product I want without a lot


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