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Da Cor A Cor Inexistente Israel Pedrosa Pdf Download

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Daniel had locked her away at the bottom of his heart and was holding
in his hands the password to her, just as her flesh was merely an extension of his
sin and his desire of darkness.
Jane came and left Daniel as she felt an overwhelming need to escape
from the fear and seduction of their mysterious love-making, emerging into the
corridor that led to her room, where she would think about, review and shape her
new ideas. In the air, was the smell of her perfume, essence of the sea of a
woman who knows herself and loves herself, a woman who can see in the dark as
if she were bathed in the sun that shines on a sea of light, a woman for whom
money is of no consequence and who has no pretensions of anything else, who is
fully in love with herself and her insatiable hunger for knowledge and discovery.
Out in the hot tropics, there was a single, white sand beach, like a wild,
delicate flame, a bit terrifying and more tempting than any heaven, a woman with
beautiful eyes and a body that was new to her that spoke so as to be heard, a
woman who had a carefree look that no one had ever seen before. Jane had
forgotten to feel, to think about, to dream, to be. She was a strong, ugly,
handsome woman, living a marvelous adventure of which she had never dreamed.
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