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Crack Drawings 4 Embroidery


It’s a text file with the name ACT.TXT.
To open it, you can use something like the following:

C:\Users\username\Downloads>type ACT.TXT


C:\>C:\Users\username\Downloads>type ACT.TXT

It is not a binary file and can be very big.
If you want to open it with a text editor, use Notepad or another one of those application.
If you like, you can use a special software called deflate.exe.
For Windows:

C:\>C:\Deflate.exe -tact

For Linux:

$ deflate -tact ACT.TXT

That will give you exactly what the file name “ACT.TXT” says.
If you want to use a text editor, use something like notepad or gedit.

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