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Swift If Statement with too many “case”

I am trying to execute a program here
I would like to execute

If array1[i] = false
If array2[i] = false
If array3[i] = false

but it doesn’t works.
I’ve the idea of using an if statement like that:
if(array1[i] == false && array2[i] == false && array3[i] == false)
//execute here

Is that a valid approach?
Thanks in advance.


You can use the guard statement in this way:
if!(array1[i]?? false) == false &&!(array2[i]?? false) == false &&!(array3[i]?? false) == false
// execute here

However, you need to handle the NULL values.

The Prime Minister has signed off on the new email address for top officials with the Commonwealth, but Malcolm Turnbull says the Prime Minister will still have the traditional “@pm.gov.au” email address.

“The PM is not changing anything about his online presence, he is just adding a second email address,” one staffer said on Monday, adding that Mr Turnbull sent this out to his top office in the PMO earlier that day.

Mr Turnbull’s public and private email addresses are @pm.gov.au and @TurnbullMalcolm, as is his Business and Climate Change email address.

The Australian work force has been mixed over the new address, with


VST HarmonizerThe present invention relates to an aircraft comprising a hollow fuselage, an inner skin of a rigid material (outer skin) extending along a longitudinal direction of the fuselage, and a plurality of side walls extending across the fuselage, wherein the inner skin and the side walls define an air flow channel therebetween, and wherein the hollow fuselage is designed as an airfoil. The invention further relates to a section of a hollow fuselage.
An aircraft such as a conventional aircraft, an aerodyne, an airship or the like generally comprises a hollow fuselage which is designed as a vertical stabilizer or the like, and is generally designed for air-transport purposes. For example, an aircraft 10 of the kind is shown in FIGS. 1a and 1b of the accompanying drawings. In FIG. 1a, the aircraft 10 comprises an inner skin 11 of a rigid material (outer skin), for example of aluminum, that extends along a longitudinal direction X of a hollow fuselage 10′ of the aircraft. The inner skin 11 is bonded to a plurality of side walls 12 extending across the fuselage 10′, a cross-sectional view being shown in FIG. 1a.
The side walls 12 are generally made of a fiber-reinforced composite material, for example carbon fiber composite. The side walls 12 cooperate with the inner skin 11 for the construction of a vertical stabilizer of the hollow fuselage 10′, and protect the hollow fuselage 10′ from rain water, dust and the like.
Additionally, the side walls 12 can be provided with a section, for example a protruding end 12a, that protrudes from a skin 15 of the fuselage 10′ towards the inner skin 11, the protruding end 12a being adjacent to a hinge in the hollow fuselage 10′, which can be used for a side opening of an access channel 15a provided for an engine compartment 14 of the hollow fuselage 10′ in which the engine is located.
In the conventional aircraft 10 of FIG. 1a, a hollow space S formed between the side walls 12 is filled with air that is used for cooling of electrical elements, for example a motor, located in the hollow fuselage 10′. For example, an electronic system 20 for the aircraft 10 is shown in FIG. 1a. In this electronic system 20, a motor 30 is provided for the aircraft 10, the motor 30 being located in the hollow fuselage 10′ and being cooled via a heat