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How to prevent PrimeFaces fileupload from uploading files with certain extensions?

I use the PrimeFaces fileupload component and my valid extensions are “.gif.jpg.jpeg” (also allowImageTypes to false) but whenever I click the upload button on a file with any other extension I’m being told “the file “file.png” is invalid”. However, if I then click back and try again, the same file is upload. It’s like there is no validation at all and even though there are no errors, the user never gets the opportunity to confirm the upload before the file goes to the server. Is this normal behaviour for the fileupload component? How can I make it so that even if the extension is not one that the PrimeFaces components recognise, they will still tell the user to choose a file?


Looks like PrimeFaces has an option called allowTypes (used to be called acceptTypes in fileupload API).
The allowTypes option should be a list of strings. You can leave it empty to allow any kind of file, but if you specify a list of strings, it allows only those files.

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