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AutoCAD is available in three primary editions. AutoCAD LT is the entry-level version; AutoCAD Standard is for medium-sized projects; and AutoCAD Architectural is for larger and more complex projects.

On the Windows operating system, AutoCAD LT also provides a design accelerator feature called “quick math” that allows the user to do complex geometry in two clicks.


AutoCAD was introduced in 1982 and quickly became the industry standard CAD system, at least for commercial architectural projects. Autodesk has offered a free, fully functional version of AutoCAD on personal computers since 1985, and the most recent releases of AutoCAD on the Mac platform are the 2013 version for Mac OS X 10.6 and earlier, and the 2014 version for Mac OS X 10.7 and newer. AutoCAD is also available as a web-based application (in which case it uses the WebGL API) and mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Basic use

Before the advent of AutoCAD LT, the standard AutoCAD program was difficult to learn, as the user interface was quite complex. However, the introduction of AutoCAD LT changed this, as it included a simple user interface based on the X,Y,Z/orthogonal coordinate system.

The AutoCAD LT user interface allows drawing, editing, and annotation of 2D and 3D objects, viewing and analyzing the design of the project, and printing of drawings and modeling data. Users can also create and modify other files and work in collaboration with others using the shared drawing tools.

AutoCAD LT is not as powerful as AutoCAD, but it is much easier to use. It is available as a standalone application and as a part of the Autodesk Vault subscription service. Users can purchase a subscription via Autodesk’s website and then sign up for the AutoCAD LT subscription plan.

Comparison chart




Online Design Services

Available for all users

Available for Vault customers only

Available for Vault customers only

Available for all users

Plotters and Printouts















Exports and

AutoCAD 20.0 License Keygen (Latest)

AutoCAD R2013 is available for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2009 is available for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2010 was announced on February 12, 2009 and first shipped on October 2, 2009. It features a new 2D CAD engine (based on Autodesk Alias) for better DWG compatibility, with DWG import and export from the iPad for first time. It also introduces a new drawing pane, which is intended to give the user a more familiar and intuitive experience.
AutoCAD DWG 2011 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2012 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2013 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2014 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2015 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2016 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2017 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2018 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2019 has been announced for the iPad.
AutoCAD DWG 2020 has been announced for the iPad.

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AutoCAD 20.0 Crack+ With Keygen [Updated]

Select the project you wish to edit.
Click the ‘File’ menu and select ‘Print…’.
In the window that opens, click on ‘Preview in acrobat’.

Click the ‘Create’ button and it will create a download link.
Open the file in the download and run it.

Follow the instructions to complete the license activation.

You can export the files you modified into a txt file and import them back to the project.

If you do not want to activate your license, you can open the acx file you download and import it into your working project instead.

The changes you make can be applied to your project using the software.

What’s New In?

Allure and Clarity:

Redesigned experience. With Aperture, design and present your ideas in a smart, intuitive and fun way, inspired by the great strengths of Aperture. (video: 1:12 min.)

Aperture is a tool for designing 2D and 3D immersive experiences that include both static and dynamic media.

Markup Assist:

Import feedback from paper or a PDF and automatically apply that feedback to your drawing in one step. Also send Feedback Mail from within the Edit Markups dialog, after the tool is complete.

Allure and Clarity:

The new Alias and Clarity filters in AutoCAD® are based on design-by-product, allowing you to see the views from the camera you’re working with and to highlight specific objects, walls, ceilings and other elements as you work.

The new Vector filter in the AutoCAD® Architecture and Space Tools offers a “contextual” view of your drawing’s current context.

Express Tools:

Three new Express Tools in the AutoCAD® Drawing panel, AutoCAD® Layout, AutoCAD® Wireframe and AutoCAD® Utilities.

Dynamic Clipping:

Use Dynamic Clipping to activate objects and clip groups of objects automatically when the active selection changes.

Graphic Overlay:

Graphic Overlays allow you to add layers of images or text to parts of a drawing to add context and interesting elements.

Geometry Mesh:

Mesh features are applied to an entire drawing, and are intended to be used in combination with Graphic Overlays.

Exchange Drawing:

Exchange Drawings give you more ways to share your design with others. See more at What’s New in AutoCAD.

3D Animations:

Use live views in AutoCAD® to render and animate 3D models in real time as you work.

3D Video:

Use your computer’s built-in webcam to record video as an object in your drawing. Use the tool to create a still image from the video recording or create a video effect by applying an animation to the still image.

Animation View:

Use the Animation View to see and animate your layers and objects in a dynamic view.

3D Shapes:

Save time and easily control aspects of your 3D

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Pc: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 2003, 2003 server, Vista sp2, server 2008, 2008R2
Mac: OS X 10.6 and above
Minimum: 1Gb
Maximum: 16Gb
Web Browser: Any PC web browser
Graphics: Any DirectX 9.0c compatible video card, includes
Widescreen (16:9): 1024×768 minimum
Full screen (16:9): 1024×768 minimum
Sound Card: Any sound card will work