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User Rating: 0.0 ( 0 votes) 27.8K likes 2,565 views 5:00 “Asterix and Obelix: The invasion of the Romansâ€DNA from goats found on a New Zealand farm.

A farmer found a goat nearly 10 years after it was slaughtered, leading her to believe that the meat was left behind on purpose, the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture said.

The RNZIH tested the DNA of a goat that was slaughtered at the Kentmare slaughterhouse, finding it to be 98.1% identical to DNA of the slaughtered goat.

The farmer, who did not want to be identified, told the RNZIH that the goat was slaughtered at the same farm as the one she had bought from 10 years ago.

“It would seem the reason the goat ended up in my garden is that it was intentionally left there, otherwise I can’t see why it would have been left there for that time period,” she said.

“If it was a heat stroke or problem with the animal, I don’t understand it.”

The goat showed no sign of illness, and the farmer said that she had not fed it anything unusual, she said.

She has written to the Ministry for Primary Industries to request permission to keep the animal.

If the ministry gives its approval, she will have the option of keeping the animal, selling it for meat, destroying it or using it as a research project, according to the RNZIH.

The RNZIH said that the farmer’s experience with a goat that was buried in her garden was not uncommon.

“It’s uncommon for that not to happen, but it does happen,” said RNZIH executive director Mike Dost.

“We get occasional calls about it and sometimes people write to us in that sort of situation.”

In the case of the goat that was found at the Kentmare slaughterhouse, the farmer considered the possibility that the goat might have been stolen.

But according to the RNZIH, “goats that have been slaughtered in New Zealand generally only make it as far as the processing plant.”[Glycogenosis type II–an unkown disease].
Glycogenoses type II (Pompe disease) is a rare metabolic disease characterized by glycogen accumulation in skeletal and cardiac muscles. It is caused by a defect in the

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Pixar’s Asterix is in full 3-D adventure mode as he journeys to a glittering Egyptian palace and is hired to .
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