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Are there any exceptions for the transfer of students between primary and secondary school?

I’m living in France, in a small city with a tiny school population. There is only one state school that serves both primary and secondary education (5 and 6 years, roughly equivalent to ECE and LCE in other countries).
There are three students who are leaving high school (LCE or equivalent to A-level in other countries). One of them (a girl) has been living in my city since kindergarten. She would therefore have to transfer to another school for the year, and in fact her parents are now looking into it.
My situation is unique, though, in that my school and her school are not close by. They are located about 10 km apart in an area of winding roads, making public transport bad. It would be a huge hassle for me to look for housing in the other city (I live in an apartment, not a house) and vice versa.
So, the obvious question is: if I transfer the girl to another school, will she have the same rights as all the other students?
Partial answer (all the answers so far are rather rambling, so let me reiterate the question a bit): will she automatically get the same access to education as other students, because of the fact that she has spent her whole schooling time in my city?


This is a normal situation for a small city like your one. There is only one school (the state school) that serves both primary and secondary education (5 and 6 years, roughly equivalent to ECE and LCE in other countries).
If the

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The above-mentioned prior art is disclosed in Japanese Patent Laying-Open Gazette No. 250247/1987 (Tokukaisho 58-250247), for example.Q:

Can’t install mysql-workbench

I’m trying to install workbench for mysql on ubuntu server 12.04.
I’ve followed the installation procedure with the manual and with the guide on a ubuntu 12.04.
I’ve installed mysql-workbench dependencies with:
sudo apt-get install libmysql-workbench4 libmysqlclient-dev

It seems to be good, but when I execute the command
sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench

I have this error:
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package mysql-workbench

Any idea?